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Radiotelephony courses

Our Flight Radiotelephony course (FRTOL) will prepare you to achieve the highest standard of radio communications, it covers both the theoretical knowledge and practical exams and prepares you to operate the aircraft radio in a confident and professional manner.

Theoretical and practical exams included

We have been providing RT training to pilots for over 20 years and still maintain a 100% success rate.
No matter what aircraft you fly, good RT will make you a safer more confident pilot

100% exam success guaranteed

We were the first pilot training organisation to introduce live online groundschool courses using Microsoft Teams, allowing many students to complete their theoretical knowledge exams during lockdown. These courses have been a huge success with most students saying they prefer this convenient training format.

Live online courses run every month

Radiotelephony courses run on the second Monday of every month
Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 13:00hrs
with students attending the school for their exam slot on the Friday

Radiotelephony course £750

The FRTOL practical examination is conducted on a communications simulator that is connected to a computer. Candidates are given a chart, a list of radio frequencies, a plog and a set of instructions. The simulated route includes other air traffic, which is replied to by the various groundstations. The route encounters military air traffic zones (MATZ) and controlled airspace. The use of air traffic services outside controlled airspace (ATSOCA) such as a Basic Service and Traffic Service are encouraged, along with a few emergency procedures thrown in to keep you on your toes. The practical exam normally takes around 45 minutes to complete.