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The UK's Leading Pilot Ground School Training

Complete all your PPL Theoretical Knowledge Exams in just 4 days.
Our courses are designed to compliment your flying training, helping you make much faster progress towards your Private Pilot Licence. We are based within easy reach of London and Cambridge and gurantee 100% commitment to your PPL ground exam success. pplgroundschool is a CAA & EASA Approved Training Organisation.



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Our aim is to provide students with the very best tuition available in a comfortable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Come along and enjoy a few days with us and go home with your exams passed, and concentrate on your flying. We limit our courses to a maximum of 5 students which ensures high quality personal and focused tuition maximising your exam success. Come along on our four day course and go home with all 9 PPL exams complete. If you are new to flying or want to pace your exams, then simply select a module to suit you ... courses run every week and include a study pack and pilot keynotes, so there is no need to buy any books and we will supply lunch each day.


PPL groundschool have been supporting student pilots from both the UK and all over Europe for over 10 years. Don't struggle with your PPL exams, our instructors are experienced and enthusiastic aviators, here to help you achieve your dream.

The structure of groundschool makes more sense, than self study

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Groundschool is designed to complement your flying training, allowing you to make much faster progress and getting your licence in less time. Small class sizes ensure you will receive the best training available and allow us to maintaining our 100% exam success rate. There's no need to buy any books, we supply all the study material you require and the exam fees are included. We aim to make our courses a fun and enjoyable experience, where the knowledge you gain can be directly applied to your flying.


PPL groundschool is a CAA and EASA Approved Training Organisation. We are extreemly proud to have achieved ATO status, which is the highest standard a training organisation can achieve. We are regularly inspected and audited by the CAA to ensure the training we deliver is at an exceptional level and equally important any money you pay is protected until your training is completed.

Not all instructors are the same ... the requirements to become a ground instructor is far less stringent than the requirements to become a flying instructor ... at PPL groundschool we only employ qualified and current flying instructors with many years of experience who enthusiastically share their knowledge with you and help you not only achieve exam success but gain valuable operational knowledge, making you ultimately a better pilot.

PPL groundschool operates from a modern purpose built training facility, not someones back bedroom or office storeroom cleared for the weekend. We have invested in technology to deliver polished briefings that make subjects clear and easy to understand, allowing you to ultimately achieve your Private Pilot Licence in less time.

PPL groundschool run courses every week, so you dont have to book months in advance. We have also introduced weekend courses so it is possible to complete all your PPL ground exams over 2 weekends, reducing the amount of time you need to take off work. Unlike other groundschools, we dont cancel courses or let you down, even if you are the only student we still run the course and our RT examiner is available 7 days a week for you to complete your radiotelephony licence on site.



pplgroundschool is closed until further notice.


Following the United Kingdom Government directive of 23rd March 2020 we are suspending all training courses until the current restrictions are lifted. Unfortunately, it is time for these more extreme measures to fight the spread of the virus, however we will monitor the situation closely and keep you updated when we can resume training.

We had planned to continue running courses over the internet using skype to deliver briefings and allow students to attend the school individually to undertake exams ... However, the impending non-essential travel restriction will not allow this.

All training course contracts will remain live and we will honour all course bookings and continue to support our students through these demanding times.

The office is now closed therefore telephone enquiries will be unanswered, however we will continue to reply to general enquiries by email but we would like to ask for your understanding should we not be able to adhere to our usual response time or clarify more specific enquires.

The only thing that matters is safety. Please stay home and take the necessary precautions to care for yourself and those around you, especially those who are more vulnerable. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards
Kim & Ash