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stop struggling with the books, the apps and the false promises from other training providers, and complete your PPL ground exams with us and get on with your flying. ppl groundschool is a UK CAA approved training organisation that's been around for over 25 years and have helped thousands of students to pass their PPL ground exams, and we are the only training organisation that offers you 100% exam success guaranteed

UK's largest and most up to date exam question bank

more choice, choose how you want to learn

ppl groundschool were the first pilot training organisation to introduce live online groundschool courses using Microsoft Teams which allowed many students to complete their theoretical knowledge exams during lockdown. These courses have been a huge success with many students saying they prefer this training format, with no need to travel, or be away from home

if you prefer personal interaction, we still offer traditional classroom based courses although availability is limited to very small groups and one to one tuition

we have just launched our new on-demand video courses which we believe will change the way students will study for their ppl ground exams. These are perfect for students who have little spare time to commit to structured courses due to work and family commitments, our virtual courses are narration led briefings that allow you to study in your own time. They are easy to follow and delivered in an easy to digest format, making the whole process of passing the ppl exams more interesting and less stressful. The course is yours to keep for revision and also include exam ready keynotes and a one to one pre-exam briefing with an examiner

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don't let your ground exams hold back your flying, our groundschool courses are designed for you to make faster progress towards achieving your private pilots licence

no exam fees ... all our courses are fully inclusive, they include the CAA exam fees, training notes and free exam prep keynotes ... there is nothing more to pay

100% student support with exam success guaranteed
(others may promise, we put it in your training contract)

choice of training courses available including Radiotelephony and IR(R) courses, with the same choice of training formats

great choice of training formats to suit your individual learning needs, including weekend and one to one courses