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Our 1 day IMC/IR(R) Theory course is back, well its never been away. We've just improved it. Delivered by an experienced instructor/examiner, you can complete your IMC theoretical knowledge exam in one day.

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Garmin G1000 Training

More people are flying aircraft equipped with the superb Garmin G1000 which can be quite daunting when first encountered ... so, after many requests to run a G1000 course... we've finally put a 2 day course together and linked it to our new flight simulator.

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Redbird Full Motion Flight Simulator


To compliment our Garmin G1000 training course we have installed a Redbird Full Motion Flight Simulator. Superb state of the art technology to help you progress faster towards your licence or rating.

Flight Training and Groundschool in Spain

Fed up with the UK weather?
Fed up with cancelled lessons?
Fed up with you flying training in the UK taking forever?

We have teamed up with an ATO in southern Spain ... Complete your EASA PPL in 4 weeks - Stop waiting for the weather to improve, hop on a Ryan Air flight to the sun, and come home with your licence. PPL Groundschool Courses in Spain - Complete all 9 EASA theoretical knowledge exams and your RT licence in 5 days (inc accomodation) for only £750 ... incredible value for money!

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Cirrus aircraft UK

have appointed pplgroundschool as their chosen theoretical knowledge training provider, quoting our training quality assurance program and exceptional customer service that supports their total student commitment ethos.

ATPL & CPL Coaching

We have reintroduced our professional pilot coaching service for 2019 Are you struggling with your ATPL or CPL theoretical knowledge exams? Let us help you over the many hurdles that you can encounter in professional pilot training. Whether its a single subject or multiple subjects. we are here to help you achieve your dream.


Were hiring ...

pplgroundschool are looking for enthusiastic and experienced flight instructors to deliver high quality theoretical knowledge briefings to PPL students. Knowledge of the Garmin G1000 system and synthetic training devices are essential. We are looking for both full time and part time instructors to join our dynamic team.

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Groundschool Scholarships

Inspired by Lyndsay Brown at Bourn aerodrome, whose enthusiasm and support has encouraged thousands of pilots from all walks of life to achieve their private pilots licence. We are offering 2 ppl groundschool scolorships for 2019 and would like to hear from you, if you can nominate a deserving candidate. There are no age limitations to these scholarships.