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Dont allow the UK weather to stop you flying, build your skills and confidence on our one day IMC theoretical knowledge groundschool course and take the exam at the end of the day

1 day IMC/IR(R) groundschool course £325


Courses run every month
and includes Student Study Pack, Pilot Keynotes and CAA Exam Fees

Theoretical Knowledge Examination

The IMC/IR/(R) exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions covering the UK IMC theoretical knowledge syllabus, covering such elements as, physiological factors, flight instrumentation, aeronautical information services (AIS) covering NOTAMs UK AIP & AIC, meteorology, flight planning and the privileges of the rating. The pass mark is 75%


Experience Requirements

An applicant for a UK IMC/IR(R) rating must have:

  • 25 hours total experience as pilot of aeroplane following PPL licence issue, which may include the training for the rating
  • 10 hours as pilot in command of aeroplanes to include 5 hours pilot in command on cross country flights
  • Hold a UK issued FRTOL (Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence)

Flight Training Requirements

An applicant must complete at least 15 hours dual instrument flying training Up to 5 hoursof this training may be completed on an approved simulator At least 10 of the 15 hours must be flown by sole reference to flight instruments

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