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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone finds exams hard, but there are few as gruelling as those those required for your PPL. Why not let pplgroundschool lend a hand, here are just some of the questions our prospective students ask:

Your Questions Answered

I have passed some of my PPL exams, can I complete the remaining exams with you?

Yes, you can either complete all your PPL exams with pplgroundschool or just come along and complete your remaining exams.

How long are the PPL exams valid for?

Once you have taken your first exam, the remaining exams have to be completed within a period of 18 months.
The completed set of exams then remain valid for a further 24 months

How long does it take to complete the PPL ground exams?

You can complete all your PPL exams on our 4 days course or you can structure your theoretical knowledge to keep up with your flying training, its up to you. At pplgroundschool we run courses every week,

  1. Monday: Air Law, Operational Procedures & Human Performance
  2. Tuesday: Meteorology and Aircraft General Knowledge
  3. Wednesday: Navigation
  4. Thursday: Flight Performance & Planning, Principles of Flight and Communications

Come along for all 4 days and complete all your PPL theoretical knowledge exams or just come along for the days you need. The choice is yours!

What are the 9 PPL exams?


How much does ground school cost?

Our 4 day PPL groundschool course costs £750, this price includes all 9 CAA exam fees, Our module one course (2 days) costs £425 and includes 5 CAA exams, it runs every Monday and Tuesday and alternate weekends and covers: Air Law, Operational Procedures, Human Performance & Limitations, Meteorology and Aircraft General Knowledge.

Our module two course (2 days) costs £425 and includes 4 CAA exams, it runs every Wednesday and Thursday and alternate weekends and covers: Navigation, Flight Performance & Planning, Principles of Flight and Communications

One day courses are available at £225, just come along on the day we are teaching the subjects you need. Cant make the course dates … not a problem, One to one tuition is available weekdays and weekends to suit you at £350 per day

What is taught in ground school?

The 9 theoretical knowledge exams are designed to consolidate your flying training. Module one concentrates on the practical operation of the aircraft, it makes sense of aviation law and operational procedures. Elements like altimetry, airspace and the rules of the air become clear and logical, helping you enjoy your flying and become a safer pilot. The meteorology briefing will give you a better understanding of the UK weather and help you make confident flying decisions.

Module two helps you master the whizz wheel (flight computer) This is a very practical course, with emphasis on accurately planning a navigation flight, calculating fuel requirements and other elements such as aircraft performance and weight & balance calculations. Ground school will structure and focus student study time encouraging exam success in an enjoyable and professional teaching environment.

Radiotelephony, learn to operate the aircraft radio in a confident and professional manner. No matter what type of aircraft you fly, our 2 day radiotelephony course will prepare you for both the written and practical exams

Do you need groundschool?

Some flying students prefer to self study, but this requires discipline and time management, which can often cause stress when attempting to balance work and home commitments. There are also the exam fees to pay to the flying club which at £30 per exam can amount to £270 assuming you pass each exam first time.

Groundschool makes far more sense and there is no need to buy any books, we supply all the study material you require and the exam fees are included in the course price, and it goes without saying, that an explaination from an experienced instructor / examiner helps you grasp and understand subjects in less time leading to faster progress towards your private pilots licence. Its also a great opportunity to meet other flying students.

You offer 100% support, what does that mean?

Everybody learns and absorbs knowledge at different speeds, at pplgroundschool we are confident that students will not only pass their ground exams, but leave with a sound working knowledge and understanding of each subject, making them safer and more confident pilots. At pplgroundschool we understand some students may take a little longer to grasp certain subjects - if it takes a little longer we try a little harder - we will stick with you until you pass.

Are there any "hidden extras"?

No - our course fees are fully inclusive.
No need to buy any books, our course fees include pre-course study material, PPL Keynotes, CAA exam fees etc. and we provide lunch each day at the school.

Do I have to take the exams in any order?

No - you can take the exams in any order you like, but most students start with air law, which is a requirement of most flying schools before allowing students to fly solo. Completing the navigation exam before you start flying cross country will help you make quicker progress.

Where is pplgroundschool?

pplgroundschool is a few miles south of Duxford aerodrome, in rural Hertfordshire. Within easy access from either the A10 or M11 and approximately 25 minutes from the M25 We are perfectly located for students learning to fly from many of the flying schools close to London, such as Stapleford, Elstree, Denham, Andrewsfield, North Weald etc.. For students coming from further affield, we can offer you comfortable en-suite accommodation

When do we run courses?

Our 4 day courses run every week, Monday to Thursday.
We have also introduced weekend courses, which allows students the opportunity to complete all their PPL ground exams over 2 weekends, so there is no need to take time off work.

How many students attend a course?

To enable us to provide first class tuition, we limit our class sizes to 5 students, so you are guranteed focused quality briefings in a relaxed enjoyable training environment and maximising your exam success.



We are open ... use the lockdown as an opportunity to complete your PPL exams.


The new PPL e-Exams have now been live since October 2020 and have presented quite a few challenges to aspiring private pilots, with many flying clubs / training organisations reporting record exam failures ... HOWEVER at pplgroundschool we have continued to maintained our 100% exam success rate.

We were the first training organisation to introduce live online groundschool courses using Microsoft Teams, allowing many students to complete their theoretical knowledge exams during lockdown. These courses have been a huge success with many students saying they prefer this training format, therefore we have decided to continue offering our online courses for the immediate future.

Most flying clubs are now charging £55 per exam and we know of a few that charge £75 .... which makes our courses even better value for money, and remember we offer 100% exam success and NO EXAM FEES

As well as supporting you through your exams, our experienced instructors/examiners will encourage you to achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of each subject making you a safer and more confident pilot Speak to Kim in the office 01279 777727 to arrange a FREE Microsoft Teams trial briefing, before deciding.

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