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To remain the UK's leading pilot groundschool and maintain our 100% exam success rate, its important that we get it right, checkout below what our students think of us ... you can leave feedback on the contact us page.

Professionally delivered course in a relaxed and enjoyable enviroment and great value for money, difficult subjects have been well explained and made far easier to understand and relate to practical flying.

Ian Granger

Ash adds the background knowledge to fully fill in why things have to be done and how things happen. He does this in a very relaxed and easy going manner using anecdotes and practical examples to emphasise the points. I would highly recommend this course to both students and qualified PPLs

Robert Logan

This course should be compulsory - it made a lot of things that I had already been taught, actually make sense. Awsome trainer - complicated subjects taught well to make it easy to understand the WHY?

Chris Rodwell

Great course - The amount of content and knowledge learnt was fantastic and put into "real life" context rather than just reading a book added real value to flying exercises and whilst sometimes challenging has been a great experience

Lee Sanders

Awesome! - Ash is great! - I leave with double the knowledge, an amazing atmosphere to learn. I couldn't speak more highly, best class I've ever been to

Yiannis Ioannon

Great focused tuition, well prepared classes, delivered with enthusiasm, gave confidence to students, would highly recommend

Andrew Jeffreys

Great content, excellently delivered. Explained in easy to understand manner. Appreciated the time spent explaining hard to understand subjects, would definately recommend to other students

Clinton Crawford

I've had a wonderful time on this course. Ash is very helpful and makes learning enjoyable. I dont think I would have ever passed my PPL exams without Ash or this course.

Freddi Driscol

Hi Ash, Just wanted to say thank you for a marvellous day yesterday. I really worried it would be an accademic nightmare and utterly boring! I never expected your course to be so conversational without realising I was learning so much. Your insights have been invaluable and I look forward to booking the next batch of lessons/exams.

James Lawrence

Very informative, knowledge was very good and explinations very clear and learned a lot I'll be back for module two

Kevin Tarrant

The emphasis on understanding why, as well as learning why, makes a positive change from the teaching I have received in aviation so far. Ash helps students understand what we need to know with an emphasis on safety

John Roberts

Great course, learnt so much over 4 days that my flying instructor simply would'nt have time to explain in such detail - thank you

Dylan Campbell

Excellent a real learning experience for me. Ash got me questioning the reasoning and logic behind the things we do, which means things are more interesting to learn and easier to remember would definately recommend

Paul Spencer

Excellent, Ash is a brilliant instructor, could not have managed without him! "TOP WORK"

Lee Kingmam

Really really enjoyable, even though its hard work, anecdotes make learning much easier than purely factual information

Ben Markey


Henry Heneage

Excellent tutor and course

John Rossiter

Excellent - very clear with good factual examples, really had a great time on the course, cheers Ash

Graham Walters

EXCELLENT - The only way to do ground exams! I will be recomending to as many as I can

Saddaqat Khan

Ash puts the PPL material into context, making it easier to understand. The "fog" lifts and armed with a deeper understanding, complicated concepts now make sense.

Ken Jones

Hi Ash, just wanted to say thank you for having me on the course. I really enjoyed it, it's really opened up aviation to me with how much depth you can go into subjects with understanding

James Hughes

Well presented course and a very relaxed atmosphere, Ash and Kim are very professional and couldn't do enoughto make things as perfect as possible - highly recommended to other students - great accommodation

Martin Bryan

A well structured and fast paced course - very enjoyable

Harry Brown

Very welcoming and comfortable facilities. A great environment and teaching style, thank you.

Peter Osmond

Ash taught me the things books can't, FANTASTIC COURSE

Rob Brice

A better option than doing ground school from DVD's

Simon Sturman

The perfect solution compared to stydying at home for months and months

Keith Winder

Intensive, thorough and well structured - superb tuition

Jonathan Courtney Jr


We are open ... use the lockdown as an opportunity to complete your PPL exams.


The new PPL e-Exams have now been live since October 2020 and have presented quite a few challenges to aspiring private pilots, with many flying clubs / training organisations reporting record exam failures ... HOWEVER at pplgroundschool we have continued to maintained our 100% exam success rate.

We were the first training organisation to introduce live online groundschool courses using Microsoft Teams, allowing many students to complete their theoretical knowledge exams during lockdown. These courses have been a huge success with many students saying they prefer this training format, therefore we have decided to continue offering our online courses for the immediate future.

Most flying clubs are now charging £55 per exam and we know of a few that charge £75 .... which makes our courses even better value for money, and remember we offer 100% exam success and NO EXAM FEES

As well as supporting you through your exams, our experienced instructors/examiners will encourage you to achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of each subject making you a safer and more confident pilot Speak to Kim in the office 01279 777727 to arrange a FREE Microsoft Teams trial briefing, before deciding.

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